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I am Sigyn, adopted daughter of the Thief Lord Iwaldis, sister of seven brothers and not the wife of Loki despite what your stories say.((Independent AU Blog for Sigyn. For more information see the about page. Some pages are currently under construction. FC Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha. I am not Sigyn, or Katheryn. Some content may potentially be NSFW/triggering, those posts will be tagged with NSFW or TW, or be under a readmore, or both. Both writer and character are over 18)) ((this blog is 100% Anon Hate free, but the sticker isn't supported by the theme I use))

thepeasantcourtier wondered:
[text] Package arrived for you - it's making noises... and moving... what should I do?



[text] Open it, if it attacks on sight, kill it.

He placed the box down and opened it slowly. He was ready for everything.

Sigyn put everything he’d asked her to bring down before the box was opened. “What- what is it?”

thepeasantcourtier wondered:
[text] Package arrived for you - it's making noises... and moving... what should I do?



[text] Open it, if it attacks on sight, kill it.

He opened the door and took the box over, shaking it slightly. “I wonder what it is..”

"No idea," Sigyn replied, "But it’s heavy and it was wriggling the whole way here,"

goddess-of-infernal-divinity wondered:
Lady Sevlyn wielded the impeccably crafted sword with precise delicacy and finesse, grinning playfully at the other. "Ready when you are, my lady."



Sigyn chuckled and swung her blade in a more dance-like fashion, “I’m ready and waiting,”

Emerald orbs flicked upwards, concentrated focus settling within the depths of them. Deft fingers tightened around the hilt of the sword. This was but a singular moment where she was at liberty to shed herself of a lady’s gentilesse and instead immerse herself in the mind of a warrior. 

"Shall we begin?"

"Well, if you think you’re ready," Sigyn grinned, teasing as she opted a fighting stance, "let’s see if we draw a crowd, shall we?"

thepeasantcourtier wondered:




"Are you sure this is really necessary?" he asks as he feels her fingers unbuttoning his shirt. "I am certain there is nothing on me that would prove to be a security risk." Richard’s eyes dart to hers and he is beginning to feel hot under the collar. He is wondering whether she has an ulterior motive as she is doing this quite slowly, and she has very beautiful eyes.

"Where am I?" It takes him a few moments to make out his surroundings as he opens his eyes. Strapped down somewhere with a man and a woman next to his side, Richard is bewildered, he is unsure what has happened to him. As the fog is slowly beginning to lift it becomes clear that this is an ambulance, possibly on the way to a hospital and he is the patient.  The young woman is his new security chief, and she has beautiful eyes, Richard remembers that he noticed that feature.

"What happened? I can’t remember." Whilst he is uttering these words the car suddenly stops, the doors are flung open and he is wheeled into A&E with doctors surrounding him. "Don’t leave," he calls out to the young woman, grabbing her hand to keep her with him. "I don’t like this place." He sputters it out, having problems to talk. "You need to inform…," he is cut off by somebody shoving an oxygen mask on his face. 


"You passed out," Sigyn replied, squeezing his hand as they  rushed through the hospital, "We had to call an ambulance - who do I need to tell?"



whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal



Serious Televison


This is Squee. He’s a friendly fellow who likes to make sure you’re alright when you scroll past those pesky, “Reblog or this monster that a rude person like me made up will kill you tonight” posts. I know he looks scary, but you should never judge a book by its cover. What’s so scary about him? He hasn’t seen the sun in a few days? He’s wearing black contacts because he loves Supernatural? His spine is a bit out of alignment? He suffers from hair loss?

Don’t be scared of Squee. Lend him some clothes and thank him for doing a wonderful job of watching out for you.

thepeasantcourtier wondered:


Send me a ‘✉’ for a “the morning after” note left on your pillow.  [ I don’t really know what happened to our other thread, but fuck it, I think this could be shippable. ]

Dear Sigyn,

It’s my turn to get you coffee. I’ll be back soon.


((omg don’t make me ship it… damnit.))

Sigyn sleepily read the note and curled back up on the bed, stretching lazily as  she snuggled back under the duvet, still half asleep and too comfortable to get up just yet.




Loophole found. Button pushed.


*breaks finger from pressing the button so many times*


I know this scene has been talked about to death, but I hate, so much, how we can see how terrified Bucky is (bravo to Sebastian for great acting but…GAH!).  He knows what’s coming, that it’s going to hurt, and that he’ll forget again.  That little eye-squeeze and breath-huff…it gets me every time. :(