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I am Sigyn, adopted daughter of the Thief Lord Iwaldis, sister of seven brothers and not the wife of Loki despite what your stories say.((Independent AU Blog for Sigyn. For more information see the about page. Some pages are currently under construction. FC Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha. I am not Sigyn, or Katheryn. Some content may potentially be NSFW/triggering, those posts will be tagged with NSFW or TW, or be under a readmore, or both. Both writer and character are over 18)) ((this blog is 100% Anon Hate free, but the sticker isn't supported by the theme I use))
Seventeen [@bringerofthestorm]

Sigyn was making tea when the door opened and shut to a call of “Hi mum!” and a jangling of keys as a 17-year-old girl - her daughter, she had to remind herself - came into the kitchen and latched onto her from behind, “Ooh are you making tea? Could I have some?”

Sigyn found herself chuckling and said “Get yourself a mug and a teabag then,” as if it was perfectly natural, before finding herself asking, “Good day at school?”

"Urgh, got in trouble for blowing up the Van der Graaf generator again," she grinned, fishing an apple out of the fruit bowl and taking a bite, "Apparently I generate more static than it does - guess I can sort of blame dad for that though,"

"Well, lightning is static electricity, isn’t it?" Sigyn replied, making the tea and handing a mug to her, managing to hide the shock she was feeling, "your dad’s reading at the minute so you might want to be a bit quiet,"

"Oh he won’t mind," the girl grinned, creeping up behind Thor¬† after putting her mug on one side and tackling him singing "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Alyss!" as if it was normal, "Hi dad,"

January 12, 2013 #bringerofthestorm

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