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I am Sigyn, adopted daughter of the Thief Lord Iwaldis, sister of seven brothers and not the wife of Loki despite what your stories say.((Independent AU Blog for Sigyn. For more information see the about page. Some pages are currently under construction. FC Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha. I am not Sigyn, or Katheryn. Some content may potentially be NSFW/triggering, those posts will be tagged with NSFW or TW, or be under a readmore, or both. Both writer and character are over 18)) ((this blog is 100% Anon Hate free, but the sticker isn't supported by the theme I use))
Long-distance anger [@bringerofthestorm]

It’d been two weeks since Alyss had returned to her own time, during which Sigyn had learned she would at one point be responsible for the three-week disappearance of a young man who had wronged her daughter (and Thor would be responsible for the several broken limbs the same boy had when he attempted to bother her again), and nearly three since Thor had left the house. She’d accepted that he couldn’t stay there while Alyss was there, especially so soon after the miscarriage (now a month and a half ago, though still a painful memory), but Sigyn had tried calling and texting him a few times in the last couple of weeks saying Alyss had gone and he could come back and had heard nothing from him.

So here she was at three in the morning (having spent a considerable amount of time talking to Natasha at the SHIELD base during a routine medical check that they had requested she do to ensure she was in good health) standing in front of the apartment he had lived in before the pregnancy, hammering on the door and seething. As far as she was concerned he could leave if he wanted, but he had no right to just completely ignore her to the point that she didn’t know what was going on and was made to feel like he’d abandoned her.

She was hoping she wouldn’t do something she regretted but she highly doubted that she’d be able to control her anger when the time came.

January 17, 2013 #bringerofthestorm

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